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Software Research and Development
Dev. Center
Web dev.

Internet solutions

We develop web solutions for Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) and Apache. We're using HTML, DHTML, Javascript, Vbscript and cgi/perl scripts for semi-dynamic websites, and ASP/COM+/ADO or Perl for web applications. Our website supports the W3C standards, and is viewable by all major browsers.


Setting up (or building) an Internet store, handling credit cards and electronic transactions, E-Commerce rules and guidelines, provider comparisons and recommendations, etc.

Website development

The basic development of an interactive or static website using HTML, DHTML, XML/XSL, ASP, and scripting technologies.

Advanced websites

Advanced websites include database connectivity, server or client components, scripting technologies, security implementations, forms and postings, etc.

Intranets / Extranets

An Intranet is a small Internet within the company or organization. This can be used for a number of purposes, ranging from enabling direct communication and interaction with the staff, to just-in-time implementations and intuitive use of internal software packages. Extranets expand beyond the company site, and can include suppliers or mobile staff.

Automation (E-Business)

Analysis of business procedures with the intention of automating and/or removing steps. Document exchanges, office tools / add-in development, component reuse, software development, etc.

Interfacing with other systems/sites

Using feeds from other sources (news wires, mailing lists, FTP access, etc), and other communication with 3rd party sources

Online publishing

News / article databases, and similar projects

Customer relations (CRM)

Management of customer and contact databases, and similar projects

Statistics and Research

Analysis of competition, statistics over multiple websites, hits, banners, user and page trackings, etc.

From idea to Internet presentation

You can contact us with a description of the website or software you would like to realize, and we will contact you for further details. If you have an undocumented idea, you can work directly with our developers in the development of a prototype, and then request an offer for the development of a final solution. This is the fastest method of implementing ideas from non-technical users, highly creative users, liquid environments, and most smaller companies (without a design process).

Internet sales (E-Commerce)

The sale of goods and services over the Internet usually involve credit card transactions. There are many providers of credit card validation services, and we recommend choosing a provider that enables you to use API calls. This will enable a smooth and invisible credit card check, and allow you to retain control over your Internet presentation.

Internet resources

Domain registrations and forwarding, submitting your site to search engines around the world, enlisting in categories and registering your site, online communities, download sites, newsgroups, newswires, and the like.

Advanced options

Meta Tags A, AA, and Triple-A ratings (accessibility) WAP and SMS Support for older technologies (no frames, scripts, images, or the like) NetScape support for advanced websites Extensive keyboard support Encryption Code, query and site optimizations Code nurturing Hints, titles, summaries, headers, and other alternatives Language-independant sites

The benefits of an Intranet

A properly build intranet will both empower your staff, encourage growth and intra-communication, improve customer relations and sales targets, provide updated and accurate information and statistics, integrate automated business processes, improve productivity and employee well-being, and bring in more customers.

With an overflow of reusable software, a common development standard, multi-platform support, and the only true implementation of the just-in-time principle, building an Intranet is the most cost-effective company upgrade available.