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Software Research and Development
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Prices and terms

Customer projects

For customer projects, please contact us with a short description of the project, and any related information you can disclose. Our sales team sort out projects and pass them on to the development team. A developer will contact you for further information about the project if required, and finally the sales team will email you with an estimate / offer. Your information is considered confidential, and is not distributed to any party outside Spinner.

The hourly rate for software development in our development center is usually 50-70 EUR per hour, depending on the estimated resources and required skills. You can always get an estimate on the number of hours required to complete a specified project, or arrange periodic invoice limits for full financial control. Onsite rates vary between 50 and 120 EUR/hour.

Invoices are sent at the end of each month, or at completion of a project. The standard payment terms are 30 days for invoices with more than 50 hours. Invoices with less than 50 hours of development are to be paid within 8 days.

Prepaid developer support

For smaller customers, we are using a prepay system that expires 12 months from the invoice date. This allows you to purchase 20+ hours of development / support, and use a small number of hours when needed. It is intended for smaller customers who sometimes need research and development by professionals, for example to assist with websites.

The minimum you can purchase is 20 hours, prepaid. For every task you give us we will quote you a number of hours, to be deducted from your total. When you are close to 0 you will receive notice by email. The hours are valid for 1 year.