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Software Research and Development
Dev. Center
Web dev.


We work freelance for our customers, and offer the following services:

Design and development of websites

We develop websites for our customers, for both internal and public use. We have a fotographer, a graphics artists, a flash developer and a DHTML developer available for freelance customer projects.

Design and development of automation solutions and scripts

We develop automation solutions and scripts for our customers. It can be anything from a simple backup-script to integration with Active Directory, Exchange, LDAP, SMS and web-servers.

Design and development of custom software

We develop software for the Microsoft Windows, WinCE and Linux platforms.

Development of installation (setup) programs (MSI packages, scripting)

We develop MSI packages and MST files for customers, for online distribution or for distribution on internal networks (SMS, Sysprep).

Repackaging of software for distribution via SMS

Repackaging of older / non-standard installation programs to use the Windows Installer technology (MSI packages).

Advanced support (3rd/4th level)

NK is freelancer, and very good at troubleshooting problems and recommend solutions. He is available for freelance projects in Denmark.

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