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Software Research and Development
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Office automation

We develop software and websites for customers on an hourly basis (freelance).

Our developers are highly experienced in designing, developing and implementing automation software and solutions. We have developed interfaces and automation software for EFT and financial solutions, E-Commerce offices (including Spinners), customer support, transaction management, 3rd party feeds, site,news and article databases, and more.

For development projects, please contact us with a description of the project and the required skills. Prices vary depending on project length and required resources.

Examples of automation software / interfaces:

Accounting software interfaces

Generation of reports, statistics, format translations, etc. from data generated by an accounting system. By using data from (or developing a direct link to) an existing accounting system, more refined statistics and financial data become available.

EFT/bank solutions

For an EEC customer, we designed and developed an EFT solution that enabled a single office in Amsterdam to process payments to 15 individual banks throughout Europe. As ABN AMRO expanded their presence in Europe, some countries were upgraded to use Global Gateway.


Spinner runs several E-Commerce sites, all of which are handled by our automated backoffice. This backoffice stores incoming requests from users, handles all E-Commerce transactions and notifications, generates registration codes, distribution lists and autoreplies, downloads and generates statistics for our Intranet, and more. This is a great example of how to implement an almost fully automated office.

3rd party feeds

Using live feeds from 3rd parties (such as news agencies, quote providers, etc) is a simple matter of designing an interface between two existing software applications (online/offline).

Customer support

We developed a customer support system (C/Con) for an EEC customer, which enabled their travelling sales staff to access all available data and statistics for each customer. This was achieved by processing an automated feed from the accounting system (for the financial records), in combination with the buildup of a customer database. This system allowed the users to provide highly individual offers and services to each customer, greatly enhancing the performance of the sales staff. We later included competition incentives, and comparable statistics between individual sales team, and enabled individual salaries and bonuses for each staff member.

Sites, news and articles

We developed an article database for a DK agency distributing statistical reports, news and related articles for the construction industry. This allowed their journalists to publish news stories and articles to the database, and present these online in real time.


Tripperpas (NL) is a good example of software that uses smartcards for user identication. The Dutch city of Groningen is replacing strippenkaarts (bus fare strips) with smartcards, in a pilot project run by Motorola, Arriva and the Dutch Ministry for Transportion. Spinner played a part in this project by designing and developing a prototype for the customer support centers, enabling the customer support staff to quickly and securely access all information related to the owner of a smartcard.

Barcodes (EAN13)

We developed a full electronic catalog (Castalia) for an EEC customer, with the ability to use and print EAN13 barcodes. This enabled users of Castalia to browse the catalog and select specific items, and then print a customized pricelist containing only those items. If barcodes are requested, they are printed on the pricelists as well, and the user can then use a barcode reader (pen,pistol,etc) to quickly enter new orders.