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triangle Bookmarks 0-9 Enabled

By enabling this option, the built-in bookmarks ("0".."9") and hotkeys are enabled.

Bookmarks are an easy method of switching between the windows you have open. Typically you work in 2 or 3 windows, while keeping a number of windows or applications open. This can make the switching a complicated affair when trying to use ALT+TAB. When you use the WinMapper bookmark features, you can use a hotkey to mark a window, and then quickly return to it using the same hotkey.

WinMapper's built-in bookmarks use the keys 0-9 in combination with the Microsoft Windows key. To set a bookmark, hold down the Microsoft Windows key, the SHIFT key, and one of the keys numbered 0 to 9 (on the main keyboard). To jump back to an open window, simply press the Microsoft Windows key and the numbered key (0 to 9) you used to set the bookmark.

Note that bookmarks are temporary, and only valid until the specific window, or WinMapper, is closed. But since bookmarks are defined and used "on-the-fly", you can overwrite them as often as you want to.

Bookmark hotkeys

When this setting is enabled, the following hotkeys are automatically enabled: (note: WIN is the Windows key (marked with the Microsoft Windows logo), either left or right, and SHIFT is the "Shift" key)

  SHIFT+WIN+0     Set bookmark 0
  SHIFT+WIN+1     Set bookmark 1
  SHIFT+WIN+2     Set bookmark 2
  SHIFT+WIN+3     Set bookmark 3
  SHIFT+WIN+4     Set bookmark 4
  SHIFT+WIN+5     Set bookmark 5
  SHIFT+WIN+6     Set bookmark 6
  SHIFT+WIN+7     Set bookmark 7
  SHIFT+WIN+8     Set bookmark 8
  SHIFT+WIN+9     Set bookmark 9

  WIN+0           Go to bookmark 0
  WIN+1           Go to bookmark 1
  WIN+2           Go to bookmark 2
  WIN+3           Go to bookmark 3
  WIN+4           Go to bookmark 4
  WIN+5           Go to bookmark 5
  WIN+6           Go to bookmark 6
  WIN+7           Go to bookmark 7
  WIN+8           Go to bookmark 8
  WIN+9           Go to bookmark 9

By pressing the SHIFT+WIN+0 keys together you define a bookmark for the current window. By pressing the WIN+0 keys together you Jump To the bookmark previously defined.

You can define your own bookmark keys (in addition or to replace) the built-in bookmarks. In order to identify which bookmark you wish to Set or Go To, you must specify an ID string during Bookmark functions. The built-in bookmarks uses the ID string "0" to "9", according to its bookmark number.

You should only customize bookmarks to Set or Go To bookmarks with ID strings "0" to "9" if you have the built-in bookmarks disabled, or wishes to assign additional keys to administer or use the built-in bookmarks.

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