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WinMapper v1.10

WinMapper v1.10 is available from the download page. In addition to bugfixes and a few enhancements, WinMapper v1.10 solves the problem with disabling the Microsoft Windows Key under Windows XP.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The new default is Simple Mode instead of Advanced Mode. In addition, all hotkeys has changed parameter-separator - this means you need to reconfigure some of your hotkeys if you are using an old version. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Upgrading to WinMapper v1.10

A lot has changed since WinMapper v1.00 was released in July 2000. We have composed a brief overview of the latest features here:

There has been a number of changes to the registration procedure, and we are now a bit more strict in enforcing the end of the trial period. WinMapper will stop functioning after the trial period expires, and a warning will appear in the last two weeks of the trial. Please take note of the new Buy Online menu option - we hope you will like WinMapper enough to take the time and purchase a $19.95 private or corporate license. This enables us to continue development of WinMapper, and implement hotkeys for tomorrows features.

WinMapper now has support for multiple profiles, easily accessible from menu or hotkey. This allows you to save all your WinMapper settings and hotkeys in a profile, and load a profile on demand. For example, you can create a new profile with hotkeys and settings that make your office work easier, and create another profile for the tasks at hand when you need a break (Quake comes to mind J). Manage your profiles from the Profiles window, or load one of the previously 5 used profiles directly in the Profiles menu. Naturally, you can also create a hotkey to load a profile.

Simple / Advanced mode - in simple mode WinMapper is not hooked into Windows. This is the new default for WinMapper, and has a number of implications: a) Advanced features are only accessible in Advanced Mode - this includes disabling the Windows Key and/or defaults, the enhanced MouseKeys controls, and the "Bookmarks", "Override Menu DblClick", and "Show WinMapper when both Windows keys are pressed" options) b) No more problems with other hooked applications c) Improved performance and stability on low-tech systems

On the bad side, all hotkeys has changed parameter-separator - this means you need to reconfigure your hotkeys :(. We apologize for this inconvenience .. but we needed to have support for semicolons in text strings. To make it less painfull, you can export your settings before upgrading, and import them afterwards (always recommended). For the most part, only hotkeys that use more than one parameter is affected, and you can easily edit the hotkey and remove any appended text or invalid options.

A new layout has been introduced, removing the need for a Hotkeys window and minimizing the size of the Alias window. The Hotkey list and the Alias list are now shown on two separate Tabs in the main WinMapper window - this provides even easier access to your hotkeys and aliases. You can move or resize the columns in the hotkey list, or sort the list differently by right-clicking in the list and selecting a sorting option in the Sort menu.

There is a also a new, configurable style (fonts, backgrounds, colors) used throughout WinMapper. Select the WinMapper Style menu option in the Settings menu to personalize the look-and-feel of WinMapper.

On popular request, you can now also choose to minimize WinMapper instead of using the Hide option. If you do not want the WinMapper icon to appear in the System Tray (next to the clock), you can also disable this by enabling the "Do not show in Systray" option.

There has been a number of fixes to the Show WinMapper function / setting. In addition, if WinMapper is started and WinMapper is already running (hidden, minimized or normally), it is shown in a normal state.

In addition to the numerous bugfixes and hefty optimizations, a number of new features has been implemented along the way:

Macro enhancements: You can now Load and Save macros - both are accessible using the main menu or the popup-menu. Convert Macro to Send Keys command - record your keyboard input first, then convert it to a Send Keys hotkey for permanent use.

SendKeys enhancements: Key+key support, including <Ctrl/Shift/Alt + key> New separator (which means ";" is available to use in the text) Key specifiers (<#decvalue> or <$hexvalue> where value is the virtual key code) <ID:hotkeyid> support, to create sendkeys sequences <key name> support <P:ms> programmable delays using "playback" mode <T:ms> programmable delays using timers Playback or Simulation of keyboard (SendKeys)

New functions: Antz - program your mouse using simple text commands! Antz and SendKeys Loop functions - indefinate loops with timed delay New GotoFolder (Run) Menu Center Input on Mouse Toggle High Contrast (if your monitor supports it) Load Profile Power Off (if your PC supports it)

DirPlay enhancements: Support for navigation using either predefined DirPlay profiles, or the Active DirPlay session. DirPlay Active Folder function - starts playing from the folder that contained the currently open file (determined by the window caption)

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