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triangle Installing WinMapper

Supported Operating Systems

Microsoft Windows 95, 98, ME, NT 4, 2000, XP, and 2003 Server.

Download and install

You can download a 30-day trial version of WinMapper from our Download page.

Select the version, type and language to download, and then save the file to a local folder. When the download is complete, double-click on the setup.exe or msi file to install WinMapper.

If you have problems with installing the software, please check our Installation problems page.

Installing WinMapper using Setup.exe

The setup window shows you the target location, and a Browse, Cancel and Install button. Click on Browse to change the target location. If the folder does not already exist, WinMapper will create it during installation.

To cancel the installation, click on Cancel.

When you click on Install, WinMapper will attempt to install the files to the specified target folder. A few seconds later the result of this installation is shown, and you can optionally start WinMapper if the installation was succesful.

Installing WinMapper using WinMapper.msi

Double-click on the .msi file to start the installation. If an "Open With" dialog box appears, you do not have Microsoft Windows Installer properly installed on your system. You can download the Windows Installer 2.0 redistributables from Microsoft's website (links are provided on our download page).

Complete the installation by following the instructions provided on the screen. If the installation is succesfull, you now have WinMapper installed on your system.

Getting help and support

For the latest news and documentation, please visit the official WinMapper site at http://www.winmapper.com. You can also email our support team.

First run

If you have an unregistered version, the WinMapper main window is shown, and you can start configuring your new hotkeys (or Windows enhancements) immediately.

Trial version limitations

The trial period expires after 30 days. To continue using the product after the trial period has expired, you must purchase a license ($19.95).

Registered versions can hide the WinMapper window automatically. This is identical to clicking on the Hide button in the main WinMapper window.

Buy online

When the free trial period has expired, you must purchase a WinMapper license for continued use. A single-user license cost $19.95 USD, and is purchased through the Buy online page.

Once the payment is verified (online with credit cards, delayed with checks and bank transfers) your registration code is sent to the email-adress specified during registration.

We use the opt-out principle for signing up to email notifications, and we do not sell or in any way distribute user information to outside parties.

Uninstalling WinMapper

To uninstall WinMapper, open the Add / Remove Programs control panel in Microsoft Windows and select the WinMapper entry. Then click on the Remove button.

When the WinMapper Setup is shown, click on the Uninstall (exe) or Remove (msi) option. This will complete the WinMapper uninstall, and remove WinMapper from your system.

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