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triangle Category: Macros

The Macros category contains functions used primarily to record and repeat text / keyboard strokes.

Macros allow you to record your keystrokes for repetition. Start recording your keystrokes by using a hotkey that is defined to the Start/Stop Recording Macro function, and then type the text you would like to record. When you are done, use the Start/Stop Recording Macro hotkey again to stop recording, or use the Play Macro function to immediately play the recorded hotkeys again as if you typed it. The Repeat Macro is used to repeat the text a number of times.

Load and Save Macros!

If you right-click on the WinMapper icon in the System Tray, there is a Macros menu that allows you to either Load a Macro, or Save the current Macro to a file. This is also available from the Macros menu.

Start/Stop Recording Macro:

Record macro function

This function starts or stop the recording of keyboard strokes. When you start recording keystrokes, the WinMapper logo changes to RED. When recording is stopped or aborted, the logo changes back to normal.

Play macro:

Play macro function

This function repeats the series of keyboard strokes recorded previously. All keystrokes are repeated as you typed them, including any special characters or function keys you press. During Playback, the WinMapper icon changes to BLUE.

Repeat Macro:

Repeat macro function

This function prompts the user for the number of times to repeat, then begins to repeat the currently stored macro (set of keyboard strokes). The current limit on the repeat count is set to 100.

Next Number:

Next Number function

This function allows you to insert a number, and then automatically increment or decrement a temporary copy. For example, using a hotkey for the Next Number macro with the Number parameter set to 100, and the Change By value set to 1, will result in the text "100" to be inserted the first time the macro is used. On subsequent use, the inserted text represents the current value, and is incremented or decremented after each use. If you used the hotkey 5 times in a row, the text "100101102103104" would be "typed".

In the Keyboard category, there are functions to use predefined text strings as macros, or certain standard functions such as Insert Current Date and Insert Euro Symbol. Use the SendKeys function to send a predefined text string as if you typed it.

Mouse actions

The following functions are used to construct and repeat mouse actions:

Antz function

Antz Loop function

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