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triangle Options / Preferences

The Options window enables you to change your settings.

SiteMapper Preferences window

Options - [OK] button

Save your settings and close this window.

Options - [Cancel] button

Cancel changes and close this window.

Options - [Servermap] button

Click on the Servermap button to review the server mappings. The data in this file enables you to convert a local filename into an URL that is then started.

Options - [Ignore URLs] button

Click on the Ignore URLs button to review the list of website-,file- or page-names that are ignored (skipped) during a scan.

Options - [Page Types] button

Click on the Page Types button to review the list of extensions (file/page types) that will be considered a page. When a file of this type is downloaded, it is added to the list of Pages, and marked for scanning.

Options - [File Types] button

Click on the File Types button to review the list of extensions (file / page types) that will be considered a downloadable file. Typically, this would include .exe files (applications), and documents.

Options - [Media Types] button

Click on the Media Types button to review the full list of Media Types. This allows you to change the grouping of files found.

Options - Load during startup

When you enable this option, SiteMapper is started when your computer is booted.

Options - Respond to Hotkey

Enable this option to allow SiteMapper to respond to a hotkey. For example, if you enable this option with a hotkey of Win+Z and an action of Scan, pressing Win+Z while in an Internet Explorer window will change focus to SiteMapper, load the URL (location) of the page you were reading, and then scan that page for all elements and update the list.

Options - Color coding

When enabled, the entries in the list are displayed in a color depending on their current status. The colors are:

Olive (golden) = modified today
Green = validated
Red = broken / invalid
White / black = normal / selected

Options - Allow changes to favorites/bookmarks

If this option is enabled, you can make changes to your Internet Favorites through SiteMapper. If you right-click on an entry while you're reviewing your Favorites, you can Add or Remove entries, or Rename them. This will change your global Internet Favorites as used by your Internet browser.

Options - Create file mappings for ASP

Enable this option to create a shell extension for ASP files. The extensions (Run, Publish) will convert the local filename to an internet address (through the Servermap or IIS), and then either load the file in your browser (Run), or download the file to an .HTML extension (Publish).

Options - Batch Scan: Ignore prefix

When this option is enabled, files that begin with the specified text are ignored (skipped, not processed).

Options - Batch Scan: Subdirectory name

The default directory is a subdirectory under the files that are processed, with the specified name. This must include the ignore-prefix, otherwise Batch Scan will continue forever.

Options - Max requests

Enable this option to limit the number of requests made.

Options - Scan subfolders

Enable this option to enable deep scanning of subfolders.

Options - Max subfolder level

To limit the number of subfolders that are scanned, enable this option and specify a number. Typically, you would not need to scan further than the 5th level.

Options - Scan servers

Enable this option to continue scanning on external servers found in the list. This is disabled by default, assuming that you are only interested in the current website.

Options - Log requests

Enable this option to log all requests made.

Options - Debug mode

Enable this option to log debug information to a file in the cache directory.

Options - Clear cache on exit

Enable this option to delete all files in the Cache Directory when you close the application.

Options - Cache directory

This is the directory in which SiteMapper will store the downloaded files.

Options - Clear button

Click on the Clear button to delete all files in the cache directory immediately.

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