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triangle New release: ScanInbox v2.0

ScanInbox is a tool to automatically process your incoming emails. All you need is Microsoft Outlook with Internet email, or an Exchange mailbox. ScanInbox is intended for companies, and a single user license cost 99.95 USD/EUR + taxes.

This is a handy tool for small/medium businesses to process emails generated from a website or other external sources. It's easy to set up and get started, and flexible enough to grow with your company.

What does ScanInbox do ?

ScanInbox is an email scanner based on Rules and Actions. A Rule defines the Inbox subfolder, subject line, processing instructions, and a list of actions to perform for each email that matches the criteria.

Before the Actions are run, the email is split into separate fields. Each line is interpreted and should hold a field=value string. The separator character is configurable. Once this has been done, you can reference the content of the email using the Fields that were found.

An Action defines one of the 8 supported functions, an optional condition that must evaluate to True before the action is run, and the parameter values:

AddToTotal(Condition, Currency, Amount)
AddToCount(Condition, Currency, Count)
AddToTextFile(Condition, Textfilename, Fieldnames)
LoadTextField(Condition, Textfilename, Fieldname)
LoadIndexedTextField(Condition, Textfilename, "indexField=Targetfield")
RunApplication(Condition, ExePath, CommandLine)
Reply(Condition, Templatefilename, "from:subject")
SaveEmailToTextFile(Condition, TextFileName)

All parameters are processed before being used. The processing checks for "%FIELDNAME%" strings and replaces them with the value of the specified field. If the field is not found, it is not replaced. When you specify a field name you MUST use the defined Field prefix/suffix, and the field name MUST be in all UPPERCASE. A typical example is "%EMAIL%", which specifies the Email field (usually holds the users email address).

All functions has an optional Condition. If used, it specifies a field name which is then resolved, and the value must then be non-blank and start with either of the following characters in order to evaluate as True: "1", "Y", "y", "T", "t". If the value of the field is numbers only, the condition evalues to True if the value is greater than 0. If the condition evaluates to anything else, the Action is not performed. Leave the Condition field blank to always execute the action.

Note: The Condition can optionally be prefixed with an exclamation point ("!") to negate the evaluated result. For example, the condition "!%MYFIELD" evaluates to True if the MYFIELD field is either blank, or otherwise evaluates to False.

There is currently no limitation on the number of Rules or Actions you can have in the registered version. The trial version is limited to 3 rules and 5 actions per rule. For simple systems, 1-2 Rules with a few Actions will probably suffice. For advanced systems, 10 or more Actions per rule are not uncommon.

What can ScanInbox do ?

* Perform any number of actions for each incoming email that matches the criteria, for all your processing needs.

* Append Field values to text files, for example to add a user to a mailing list.

* Run applications with Field values as parameters, for example to generate external values that are then loaded into a Field.

* Load text files into Fields that can then be used in email templates.

* Load values from Indexed text files (Name=Value) into Fields that can be used in email templates.

* Automatically reply to users using an Email Template. An Email Template consists of the basic email body text, which can include Fields that are then resolved before the email is sent.

* Automatically mark the email as read once it has been processed.

* Automatically move the email to a subfolder (Processed / Failed) depending on the processing result.

* Maintain a list of Blacklisted users, to which an email will never be sent.

* Maintain total sums and counters per currency.

* Built in log file for easy troubleshooting.

* Store the content of incoming email in text files, for example to store the content of emails in a text archive.

* Includes a Send Emails To feature, allowing you to send emails to a number of recipients using the built-in Fields and Email Template features.

Trial version limitations

* You cannot Send emails, it will always save the email as a Draft in Outlook.

* You cannot save drafts for more than 10 people using the Send Emails To feature.

* Maximum 3 rules

* Maximum 5 actions per rule


You can download a free 30-day trial version from http://www.spinnersoftware.com/products/download.html. To continue using the product after the trial period has expired, you must purchase a license on our website ($99.95 / EUR 99.95).

There are two downloable files available:

ScanInbox.msi is a Microsoft Windows Installer package. In most cases, if you are running Windows 98, 2000, 2003 or XP, you can download and install this version. Companies can also distribute this package through SMS if desired.

Note: If you do not have Windows Installer on your system, please contact your local system administrator, or download the Windows Installer setup files from http://www.microsoft.com/.

ScanInbox.zip is a WinZip archive. If you are unable to use the MSI package to install ScanInbox, you can extract this archive to the desired target directory. Then run Scaninbox.exe from the target directory. Since there is no actual installation, no shortcuts are created, and there is no entry under Add / Remove Programs. Download this package ONLY if the MSI installation fails. To uninstall, remove the directory again.


Please check this page for updates and news about ScanInbox. If you cannot find a solution to your problem here, please send an email to the support team.

Supported Operating Systems

Currently we only support Microsoft Windows 9.x, NT 4.x, Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows 2003 Server. As we migrate to Linux, kernels versions 2.4 and later will be supported.

Supported Email Applications

At the moment we only support Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Exchange. As we migate to Linux, we plan to support Evolution.

How to Buy

You can purchase a license (e99.95/$99.95) online from here.

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