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Installation problems

You normally arrive on this page if the installer was unable to complete the installation or removal of the software. Here you can find help on how to determine the problem. If the solutions described here does not help, please contact us with the precise error message for further assistance.

If you are running on Windows 2000, XP, or Windows Server 2003, please download and use the .MSI files instead of the .EXE files. The Windows Installer technology is more reliable, and provides features such as Repair.

Troubleshooting Windows Installer

If the installation does not start properly, please make sure the file was downloaded properly. Check that the Windows Installer service is started, and that the SYSTEM account has read access rights to the MSI file.

If you do not have Microsoft Windows Installer 2.0 installed on your system, you can download the redistributables from Microsofts site. We have also provided links on our download page.

Typical installation problems using MSI files:

Access Denied

The user is not an administrator, or does not have write access to c:\program files\ or the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE registry hive.

Open With dialog

If an "Open With" dialog box appears when you doubleclick on an MSI file, Microsoft Windows Installer is not properly installed on the system. Download and reinstall Windows Installer 2.0.

Service not available

If you have Windows Installer 2.0 installed, check that the Windows Installer service can start up. MsiExec will start it automatically if possible, so the service should default to Automatic as the startup type.

Advanced troubleshooting

You can enable logging for more advanced troubleshooting. To install a package with logging enabled, run the following command line:

MsiExec /I WinMapper.msi /L*V C:\TEMP\WinMapper.log /Qb+

This will attempt to install WinMapper.msi and generate a log file called WinMapper.log in the C:\TEMP directory. You receive a notification at the end of the setup.

Scripting error 1720

It is possible to use vbscript within MSI packages, but this can also cause problems. The most likely problem is a script that relies on an object that is not present. You can find out where in the vbscript the installation fails by investigating the log file and/or eventlog for the line number (detailed in the 1720 MSI error).

If no line number is given, try re-registering c:\winnt\system32\vbscript.dll. MsiExec uses this dll to run vbscript custom actions, independently of cscript/wscript.

If the problem is with WMI access, you can use wbemtest to access the WMI service and check if the objects you are using can be accessed correctly.

Further assistance

If you get an error during installation, please contact us with the precise error message.