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1997 - 04
2004 - 11
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Latest news

Date Description
03 Mar 2005 Website updates.
01 Feb 2005 Http://www.spinnersoftware.dk live and updated.
14 Aug 2004 LogReader v2.0 released.
01 Jun 2004 New MSI installation (setup) packages uploaded for SiteMapper v1.0 and WinMapper v1.12.
31 May 2004 Http://www.spinnersoftware.com launched.
12 May 2004 ScanInbox 2.0 released.
14 Jun 2003 WinMapper v1.12 released.
30 May 2003 WinMapper v1.11 released.
11 May 2003 WinMapper v1.10 released.
25 Apr 2003 SiteMapper v1.0 released.
06 Apr 2003 We are testing a new download system for registered users. This system gives registered users access to the latest updates, free trial versions of upcoming software, and potentially a lot more. There will still be public and redistributable versions available of our products, but they will always be a few versions behind.
5th Apr 2003 Uploaded the search page.
8th Feb 2003 Uploaded new winmapper, r&d, corporate and front pages.
8th Feb 2003 WinMapper v1.10 beta 4 released.
9th Jan 2003 New front for www.winmapper.com (/products/winmapper/).
9th Jan 2003 Updated the Buy Online section (footer + Accepted cards page).
8th Jan 2003 We can now accept American Express cards (USD&EUR).
8th Jan 2003 We can now accept USD&EUR Visa cards.
6th Jan 2003 We have been notified of problems with accepting USD Visa cards.
15th Dec 2002 Updated the website with our new corporate logo.
17th Nov 2002 Uploaded WinMapper v1.10 beta 3.
16th Nov 2002 We have decided to start supporting Linux from 2003.
16th Nov 2002 Uploaded WinMapper v1.10 beta 2.
16th Oct 2002 Implemented "Jump" lists for R&D and Corporate pages.
16th Oct 2002 The Buy Online pages are working again.
16th Oct 2002 We've been notified of a problem with the Buy Online section, and are investigating.
15th Oct 2002 We've uploaded most of the site, validated for the HTML 4.01 and CSS standard. We have also updated the layout and directory structure - Corporate and R&D pages are marked with a green header, Product pages with a blue header, Payment pages are white. Checked with IE 5.5, 6.0 and NetScape 7.
12th Aug 2002 LogReader v1.0 is now released ! Pick up a trial version from the Download page.
11th Aug 2002 The first MsgPopper public beta is available from the Download page.
17th Mar 2002 The new SiteMapper beta is now available from the Download page.
11th Aug 2002 WinMapper v1.06 has been released. The new version fixes a number of bugs, and includes a number of enhancements and usability improvements. New features include Winamp 3 support, direct keyboard remapping, support for permanent keyboard remapping (NT/2K/XP), and much more.
11th Aug 2002 We have released the first public beta versions of SiteMapper, MsgPopper, and LogReader.
Aug 2001 WinMapper v1.05 is now released ! Pick up your free 30-day trial version from the download page.