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Investment opportunities with Spinner Software

Spinner Software is looking for investors and partners to help our software products grow ! You can read more about these and other investment opportunities on this page.

Software Product Investments

Due to the limited finances and time available to development of our shareware products, things are progressing slowly. We would like to further promote and develop all of our shareware products (and ideas), but cannot do so without outside expertise and finances.

Spinner Software is a dynamic young company, and we have extensive plans for the release of 11 more software products and 1 subscription service. Naturally, we will not be able to devote our limited resources to full-fledged support and advancement of so many products, and are therefore looking for potential buyers or investors for each software package.

Spinner Software is in the unique position to release software at next to no cost, with a profit margin of about 75%. The sole expenses we have are the transaction costs, which vary with the number of sold licenses. We are confident all our software - including the software to be released in 2003-2010 - have great potential, and present viable alternatives to software from known brands (if one exist). But without the resources for advertisement and further product development, the potential is limited.

We are therefore looking for investor(s) who are interested in helping with, or taking over, an entire shareware product, with accompanying E-Commerce website and solution, backoffice for automatic end-user support and registration, and custom-built software and installation program. The full source code and a copy of Spinner's component library (to the extent of what is used) is provided when taking over the package.

Investment can be done in a number of ways: an existing company can buy the software product and distribute it as part of an existing product line; a joint-venture can be formed with the sole purpose of marketing the product; or a new company can be created with ownership of the software, website and backoffice, and then sold to a set of predefined investors. At any rate, any investor must be willing to provide the marketing organization and capital required to finish and promote the software.

For more information, please contact us.

Sponsors and other Partners

Some projects may justify the inclusion of a sponsor, and will be decided on a case-by-case basis. This may NOT include any kind of malware - only a simple banner.


Spinner Software may engage in promotions with targeted user groups, educational centers, and scientific communities. These promotions will essentially allow the target group to mass-distribute licenses at a very low cost, and are decided on a case-by-case basis.

Banners, Ads and Link Exchanges .. are currently not used on our websites.