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1997 - 04
2004 - 11
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CEO Statement: 1997 - 2004

Updated We will start migrating to Linux during 2003. Read more about the new strategy here.

In the years 1997 through 1999, 100% of Spinner's income was based on customer projects. In 1999 we worked for Motorola and several other customers, which gave us the financial means to release our pet projects as shareware.

With the exception of a few customer projects, most of 2000/2001 was spent with the development and release of WinMapper, and all related software (automated backoffice, websites, e-Commerce and automation utilities). This had an immediate impact on our finances, as WinMapper is still not a profitable business.

We ended up some 30k in debt, and the bank (RABO Bank) doing what they could to make things worse. We're very happy to say that as of December 2002 the debt is cleared, and we are back "in the black". We survived by taking some painful cuts, loosing Peter to Tridion BV where he is now thriving :). Nicolai also took a dayjob to repay the debt out of his salary. It's been a tough 2 years, but we will now end 2002 with a small profit, being all in the clear :). And yup, we'll switch bank as soon as time allows.

During this turbulent time we somehow found the time to improve on our software, and we are now in the process of finalizing the commercial versions of SiteMapper and MsgPopper. Both WinMapper v1.1 and LogReader v1.1 is released before the end of the year, bringing the total of full products to 4. This leaves us with 10 products on the wishlist, perhaps for 2004 - 2006 ;).

During 2003 we will explore the contracting, consultancy and dayjob options in order to pay the bills. All available free time is spent on making WinMapper v2.0 and updates to our other software. Website and documentation is a big factor here. We will also release at least 1 new shareware product (details are confidential at this time), and the initial version of The Vault (yearly subscription service).

There is no doubt 2003 will be as hard as 2002, but we take confidence in our experience: We'll adapt :).

Nicolai Kjaer - CEO, Spinner Software BV

Website stats:  July 2000         July 2001       July 2002
Page Hits           1.528             8.791          11.057
Downloads              63               237           1.052
New users             541             1.097           2.897

Finances:    Net turnover:	Net result:	Contracting %	Balance EOY:
2000            42.788 EUR	- 2.720 EUR	100.00/0.00 %	- 2.720 EUR
2001             9.384 EUR	    675 EUR	100.00/0.00 %	- 2.045 EUR
2002            46.105 EUR	 24.735 EUR	 98.77/1.23 %	+ 6.000 EUR
2003            87.439 EUR	  9.000 EUR	 98.79/1.21 %	+12.000 EUR
2004            68.400 EUR	  5.000 EUR	 98.50/1.50 %	+15.000 EUR