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About Spinner Software

Spinner Software was founded in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, on July 4th 1997 by Nicolai Kjaer, and became the privately held stock company Spinner Software B.V. on June 23rd 2000. Nicolai remains the sole owner and principal developer.

Nicolai has been working in Software Research and Development since 1990, and has spent the past 7 years building Spinner Software into what it is today. Within the next 5 years Spinner we'll be selling 5 full-fledged software products, and by then we hope to be able to skip our dayjobs and spend all our time working for the company :) ! In the meantime, we are developing software projects for our customers, doing contracting in Europe, and improving our shareware whenever time allows.

In July 2002, we celebrated our 5th anniversary in the midst of the IT crisis. We are glad to survive the "crash", and hope to continue bringing you the best software tools at affordable prices :). Wish us luck, and support our efforts by purchasing your license today.

Since 1997, we have created software solutions for worldwide customers such as Motorola, Siemens, Lotus, Brodersen, Emery WorldWide, Link Data Security, Tridion, PGGM, and of course Spinner Software. We have grown our website (without the use of marketing) from 0 to over 10000 hits per month. 2500 new users come to our site every month, spending an average of 4-5 minutes on the site. So we'll continue steadily, keeping our growth rate above 100%.