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N. Kjaer - Online profile and CV
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My name is Nicolai, and I am the owner and Principal Developer of Spinner Software B.V. I currently live in Copenhagen, Denmark (Europe).

I was born in 1973, and have worked profesionally with software and product development since 1990. I speak fluent Danish and English, and have just returned to Denmark after living in Holland from 1997 - 2004. I work freelance for Spinner's customers, mostly with software and product development, R&D, MSI scripting, and advanced troubleshooting.

Online CV:

English version: pdf, doc

Dansk version: pdf, doc


I started with computers and software development at age 10. I was hired by Link Data Security (Denmark) at age 16, and worked there for 7 years in software research and development. In july 1997 I moved to The Netherlands and started Spinner Software.

I'm not your average kind of software developer. Where most software developers are very good in specific technical areas, I have a broad experience in developing applications for small and large businesses. My interests are in new technologies, research and development, project design and architecture, and product management.

I have tried projects ranging from highly technical solutions to simple windows applications, but always with the firm belief that the customer is right, and never forgets that the end-users are the ones to use the software. I never develop a solution simply because it was the best technical solution, but always chooses the user's point of view.

I'm a real team player. I'm very good at learning new technology, and does not stop thinking about a problem simply because the clock turns 5.

I have a unique perspective on new technology, and the ability to quickly adjust to a given situation. I'm easy to interact with, and have the ability to explain technical issues to non-technical people.

Key skills:

Implementing solutions. Software design and solutions. Research and Development using Borland Delphi, Kylix (Linux), Microsoft Visual Studio (C++/Visual Basic), ASP, DHTML, XML, Perl, JavaScript, VbScript, databases (MS SQL Server, MS Access, Legacy/ODBC, Oracle, Active Directory, MS Exchange), ADO/DAO, Microsoft Office, ActiveX, Microsoft APIs and SDKs.

Key areas:

Software research & development, office automation, software products and services, banking, security, manufacturing, e-business, web technologies, Electronic Funds Transfers, Client Relations Management, Enterprise- and Web Content Management solutions.

Strongest in:

Finding solutions. Software research and development, automation, product management, creative or complex solutions, Project Watchdog.

Weakest in:

Bookkeeping, micro-management, formal dresscodes.