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N. Kjaer - Online profile and CV
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I've worked professionally with software research & development since 1990, and continue to enjoy working with lots of different technologies to solve a problem. Here's a short list of my experience:

Period Company
Jul 02 - Jun 05 Siemens Nederland N.V.
Troubleshooter/solution specialist; development and scripting; MSI repackaging for SMS distribution
2003 - 2004 Spinner.nl
Linux migration
May - Jun 2002 PGGM
Website development using ASP and Tridion DialogServer
Apr 2002 Digital Peppers
Creation of www.integratie.net using ASP and templates
Apr 01 - Apr 02 Tridion BV
Tridion DialogServer 4.3, 4.4, 5.0 (WCM)
2001-2002 Spinner.nl
LogReader is a shareware utility to analyze website statistics
2000-2001 Spinner.nl
SiteMapper is a shareware utility to validate and categorise web links
2000-2001 Spinner.nl
WinMapper is a shareware utility that allows programming of keyboard shortcuts / hotkeys
2000-2001 QuBiQu
Online portfolios/strategies (Stocks, options, bonds, warrants, ... )
2000 Markedsoversigten Erhvervsejendom
Article and News database, with online editing / searching
2000 Spinner.nl
Spinner.nl Intranet and backoffice
1999 Spinner.nl
Supervision of development of MsgPopper
Oct 99 - Jan 00 Motorola
Replacing bus-fare tickets with smartcards
Jul 99 - Jan 01 Spinner.nl
Status and hour reporting tool
Jun 98 - Jun 99 Emery WorldWide
EFT and Global Gateway implementations
1995-1999 Brodersen Teknik
Web support & development
Apr - Jun 98 Sigma Coatings
Material Safety Data Sheets browser
1997 Pro-Face
Purchase Order & Invoice system
1997 Spinner.nl
Webdesign & setup
1995-1999 Brodersen Teknik
Electronic catalog and CRM system
1998-199 Loegstrup
CRM solution
1995-1997 Link Data Security
Design, writing and printing of customer newsletters
1995-1999 Brodersen Teknik
CRM solution for mobile salesforce
1996 Link Data Security / consulting
Automatic collection of measurements from electric- / gas-meters
1995-1997 Link Data Security
Userinterface / websites
1994-1997 Link Data Security
Data security product for Microsoft Windows applications
1994-1997 Link Data Security
Data security product using components
1992 Link Data Security / Lotus
Floppy verification software for production plant
1992 Link Data Security
CopyLock functionality for floppy disk imaging
1992 Link Data Security
Graphical display/search of floppy analysis by hw board
1990-1997 Link Data Security
Data security product for Microsoft DOS programs
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