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Spinner Software - Home Last updated on July 6th, 2005.

Software patents rejected: I'm very happy to report that thanks to intensive lobbying, the CII 'software patents' directive was firmly rejected today :). This is great news, and means that we will NOT have software patents in Europe for the next few years. A million thanks to everyone who joined the webdemo, the protests, or lobbied their MEP :) !

Shareware / Software Products

We are the developers of WinMapper ($49.95), SiteMapper ($99.95), LogReader ($99.95), and ScanInbox ($99.95). On this site you can read more about our products and services, download a free 30-day trial version, and purchase your license.

WinMapper is the essential tool for customizing your keyboard. You can create your own hotkeys to perform a variety of functions, record mouse and/or keyboard actions, remap your keyboard, disable the Windows key and related shortcuts, and more. LogReader enables you to import, analyze and export your webserver log files. Find out who your users are, what your visitors are doing, and where your server is having problems.
More info - Download - Buy ($49.95)More info - Download - Buy ($99.95)
SiteMapper can scan one or more pages on a selected website, presenting you with a full overview of all pages, links, email adresses, images, scripts, broken or invalid links, and downloadable files found on the site. SiteMapper also supports batch publishing of ASP/XML files to HTML. ScanInbox is a tool to automatically process your incoming emails. Scan your mailbox and perform custom actions based on rules, templates and the built-in functions. Autoreply with custom emails, and split information into separate files. Supports Microsoft Outlook and Exchange mailboxes.
More info - Download - Buy ($99.95)More info - Download - Buy ($99.95)
Software Research and Development

As freelancers we work for our clients 4-5 days a week, and spend 1-2 days a week developing our software products and working on customer projects (such as websites, scripts, msi packages, office- and automation software).

For European customers, we also offer a prepaid R&D / advanced research and support service. This allows you to purchase 20 - 250 hours in advance, and then spend them as needed over 1 year. It is used by customers who maintain their own website or software in-house, but sometimes require the quick assistance of a dedicated expert. For further information about our services, please contact us.